Erase-A-Hole: Hole Filler is 100% Made in USA



The original Erase-A-Hole™ was created in 1991 by Mr. Ronald Todd, a professional drywaller. He came up with the idea on the job. During drywall repair or paint prep he would find himself mixing drywall compound to fill in the holes made from nails, tacks, or screws. He needed a nail hole repair product that he could paint immediately after application. This was quite a lot of effort for fixing small holes in drywall, wood, or plaster. He had tried many convenient and quick products on the market and none worked properly and passed the high standard of a professional drywaller.  He needed a product that would satisfy some unique requirements: 

Quick nail hole repair and screw hole repair
Convenient, with no mixing required
Fit into his work pouch
Wouldn't dry out once the package was opened the first time, like light weight spackle.
Quick dry time once applied, unlike spackle.
Long shelf life
Paintable & sandable

After much thought and a few experiments Ronald came up with a unique product that fit all of these requirements. A deodorant container didn’t require any tools for application and it fit conveniently in his tool belt.



First Batch

Next step was to make an entire batch of Erase-A-Hole! He got all the materials and a planned out a method to fill a bunch of little deodarant containers and recruited the best free labor anyone can ask for(the kiddos) and filled his first batch. There were a few tweeks to work through but shortly after that the production was in full force. Soon he was getting orders from mail order magazines and a few mom and pop stores!


Erase-A-Hole is still owned and operated as a family business. Our product always has been and always will be 100% American made from the raw ingredients to the packaging.  Our product is superior to any product like it on the market because it truly delivers as advertised and its patented blend of stable ingredients makes it shelf stable for two years, guaranteed.

Just know that you are supporting our American economy when you order from us or one of our reputable distributers.