Erase-A-Hole: Hole Filler is 100% Made in USA

Tips & Demos

How to fill holes in drywall.....

​First, let me say that size matters when talking about how to fill a hole in drywall or plaster. The hole we are shooting for is up to about 3/4 inch large. This would be caused by a nail, screw, darts, angry mini unicorns, ninja star throwing, etc. (no judgement here!) The beauty of this product is how easy it is to apply and that you don’t need any other tools. If the hole is really small (tack hole or small nail hole) then you can apply right before you paint. It doesn't crack or shrink, so you only have to fill the hole once. Easy for any novice DIY'er! 
​1. Prepare the hole. If there is any loose drywall or paint sticking up, just simply scrape it off using the lid of the product or push it in gently using a hammer. If you happen to have an anchor in the hole, i.e. that plastic thingy that you hammer into drywall before inserting a screw, justgently recess it into the wall using a hammer and screwdriver.

​2. Now that your hole is all ready, just fill it with Erase-A-Hole! Simply rub the product in a circular motion while pressing lightly but firm enough to pack a little product in the drywall or plaster. ​
Erase-A-Hole: Fixing a Small Hole in Drywall or Plaster
​3. Wipe. All you need to do now is lightly wipe the excess product off. You can use a damp paper towel, napkin, sponge, or whatever you have handy. If you happen to get a little carried away with the wiping and you pushed the product in too far, then simply re-apply without wiping so hard. If the hole is larger than 1/2 inch then you may need to let it dry for a little bit (30 mins) then re-apply.  
Erase-A-Hole: Using Cap of Container as a Tool to Scrape off Access Product
Erase-A-Hole: Use Hand or Sand Paper to Level
​4. Paint. Now all you need to do is touch up paint. The product dries white, unless you have a white wall you will need to touch up the paint or cover it with a picture (again, no judgements here).
Erase-A-Hole: Touch up Paint Area
​TaaaDaaa! You can fill holes or cracks in drywall, plaster, or wood! Another great thing about Erase-A-Hole is that it is made so durable that it wont crack or shrink so you dont have to re-fill the hole again later.  

Have blemishes on your wood trim?  Erase-A-Hole works great repairing trim prior to painting, and you dont have to wait 4 hours for it to dry like you will with spackle! 

Demonstration Videos for your viewing pleasure...

Original Erase-A-Hole promotional video-you've got to see this! (pricing is not accurate)

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